Sanctuary and Chapel

Sanctuary and Chapel


In addition to office space, First Congregational Church provides space for worship services, weddings and holy unions, funerals, concerts and recitals.  Our Sanctuary is a Gothic style room with wood beams, stained glass windows and excellent acoustics.  Our Chapel provides a brighter worship setting, has a more updated look, and can be opened up to the parlors, which are adjacent.  Both Sanctuary and Chapel have a pipe organ and a grand piano.

See the photographs below for an idea of what the Sanctuary and Chapel spaces are like.  Please feel free to contact our Building Manager if you wish to tour these facilities in person.

D. Sallie McNair, Building Manager
(626) 795-3808

The Sanctuary is a cathedral-style space that will accommodate up to 750 people, including balcony seating.  The length of the center aisle is 36-1/2 yards, and there are 21 pews on each side.  We also provide one piano and one pipe organ.

The air-conditioned Pilgrim Chapel seats up to 115 people and has a center aisle of 17 yards.  The Chapel measures 40 by 50 feet and provides one piano and pipe organ.  One hour can be scheduled for a rehearsal the day before your ceremony, which is to be conducted by our coordinators only.  Please speak with our coordinators about your decorating plans and submit certain information which will be needed in order to assist you.