Weddings and Marriage Ceremonies

Weddings and Marriage Ceremonies

When a couple comes to our church, whether for a wedding or a simpler marriage ceremony, they are signaling their willingness to be in a covenant relationship with God and one another.  The Christian tradition celebrates the sacred nature of such an occasion and our church supports all such services that recognize God as part of our human bonding.

Please contact the Building Manager, D. Sallie McNair, as indicated below at your earliest convenience to discuss the availability of dates for your ceremony.  One of our ministers is available to officiate at your ceremony, or arrangements can be made for your clergy to officiate.

You may click the sidebar links to see photographs of our Sanctuary, Chapel, Parlors, and other available spaces in the church building.

Please make an appointment to see the church and read the complete information packet regarding ceremony fees and usage of our facililties for your upcoming wedding.

For inquiries, please e-mail to:
Sallie McNair, Facility Manager/Event Coordinator
or call 626.795.3808