Our congregation has defined itself as a community that reaches out to care for its neighbors since its inception!  Throughout our history, we have sought to share the love that we have experienced and gifts that God has generously shared with us, and to advocate for peace and justice. We continue to share generously through our budgeted gifts, supporting local and global ministries and through hands-on projects throughout the year.

What does God require of us but to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God? – Micah 6:8

Some of our outreach projects include….

Union Station Pasadena – we volunteer the first Monday of each month with four teams that shop, cook and serve the meal at this outreach organization – Union Station offers meals, classes, job training and twelve step groups to persons who are underserved and in need in Pasadena.

2015 Union Station Kevin Leo & Peter

CROP Walk Pasadena – we collect donations and walk together in this fundraiser and education project about hunger and hunger relief.  Church World Service is the sponsoring organization serving those in need in different parts of the world.2015 Crop Walk with FCC and Aspire Aug 11 2015

Friends in Deed – We support this local Pasadena organization with donations and volunteer time and energy, as it works to provide services to those without shelter and resources.  Programs include a Women’s Room, housing support, training and clothing for finding work, holiday gift drives, and back to school supplies for school aged children and youth. For their Bad Weather Shelter we volunteer to cook a meal twice each winter and lay out cots and serve up to 150 folks.

2015 Bad Weather Shelter Elizabeth Sue etc.

Fair Trade Coffee – We purchase and make available to our congregation coffee, tea, hot chocolate, jams and bars of chocolate from Equal Exchange.  This offers fairly harvested and produced products to a local base without any mark up and helps educate those that visit our church about struggles facing growers and producers in developing parts of the world.

 Aid Africa – we are a Mission Partner with this non-profit group that provides refugee relief and support with several projects in Northern Uganda.  The work of Aid Africa includes building portable stoves, finding water and digging wells, planting trees, and offering healthcare services. We have church members who serve on the board, travel regularly to Uganda and have been instrumental in the ongoing mission of this organization.  We participate in regular fundraising activities, helping assemble Birthing Kits, attending an Annual fund-raiser, participating in the annual Walk for Water locally. We encourage newcomers and visitors to learn more at www.aidafrica.net

2015 Aid Africa with FCC

Open and Affirming – since 1993 our church has been designated an Open and Affirming church, meaning that we have been fully welcoming of GLBT folks. We continue to advocate for justice and full acceptance of all GLBT folk.2015 Trans Right now with Marlene and FCC supporters

Outings – we plan occasional outings to educate ourselves about issues such as racism, our food production, immigration and fair pay for all. Recent trips have been to the Romero Center in San Diego and a tour of toxic sites in Los Angeles. We have occasionally participated in other outings such as a local Habitat build or planting seeds and harvesting vegetables to be donated to the FID pantry.

Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM) – we give annually to the United Church of Christ OCWM through our church budget so that our denomination can support and funds the mission of our national and global Church. We also take up special offerings of our wider denomination each year so that programs and relief can be funded through our national church setting. Learn more about our wider church at www.ucc.org