We enjoy a wide range of musical styles and offerings during worship, including: classical music, traditional church music, hymn sings, gospel, folk, jazz, chanting and world music. We love to mix it up and try new things while honoring some classic and beloved musical offerings. We bring in guest musicians on a regular basis to supplement our wonderful choir and four regular soloists. Our Music Director Connie Washburn keeps things lively and uplifting for all as our pianist and director.


Adult Choir

Our Adult Choir meets for rehearsal the first Thursday of each month Sept – June from 7:00 – 8:15pm and at 9:00 am each Sunday morning. We learn a variety of styles of music ranging from classical to gospel to contemporary praise music. While the regular choir is off during the summer, we do a variety of musical offerings over the summer, including a pick-up gospel choir, hymn sings, special guest singers and musicians. Anyone high school age and up is welcome to contact Connie Washburn for more information about joining our choir. As a group, we have fun and fellowship together while learning and bringing quality music to the worship service.  Come sing for a Sunday, a season or for the whole year.


Children’s Choir 

Connie works with the children on a regular basis to cultivate their musical skills and to incorporate them into the worship service. Sometimes the children sing alone while other times they are accompanied by our soloists or an instrumentalist.  We have a Children’s Christmas Pageant each December that showcases the music and dramatic talents of our children and is offered to the congregation on a Sunday morning. If children sing or play an instrument we try to find a way for them to share their gifts in an appropriate setting in the church. Come and bring your child and have them be part of our musical offerings here at FCC.

If you have any questions about the music program at First Congregational, please come on a Sunday morning and speak with us or contact our Music Director Connie at

2015 Children's choir

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