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United Church of Christ 45th Anniversary

On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, we celebrated 45 years as the United Church of Christ (UCC).  The following article is drawn from resources on the national UCC website.

Old traditions unite, and new traditions begin to take shape

On Tuesday, June 25, 1957, at the Uniting General Synod in Cleveland, Ohio, the Evangelical and Reformed Church, 23 years old, passionate in its impulse to unity, committed to “liberty of conscience inherent in the Gospel,” and the Congregational Christian Churches, 26 years old, a fellowship of biblical people living under a covenant for responsible freedom in Christ, joined together as the United Church of Christ.  The new church embodied the essence of both parents, a complement of freedom with order, of the English and European Reformations with the American Awakenings, of 17th-century separatism with 20th-century ecumenism, of presbyterian with congregational polities, of neo-orthodox with liberal theologies.  Two million members joined hands…

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